Things to Do: Sutherland Shire Centenary Park

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One of the largest parks in the Sutherland Shire area, Centenary Park off of Karimbla Road, is home to various fun activities for both parents and their children. It is also reasonably close to Miranda Station, making for an active warm up walk from the station to the park. 

History of Centenary Park

Formerly an Energy Australia site, Sutherland Shire Centenary Park was built in 2006 by Umbaco landscape architects. It was designed with the surrounding natural environment in mind, utilizing sustainable and recyclable architecture with trees planted and watered with recycled water. In 2006 it won an award for the NSW sustainable water challenge. 

Things to Do at Centenary Park

Whether you’re interested in a picnic with friends and family or you’re just looking to discover new ground with your kids, there’s no shortage of things to do at Centenary Park. 

Shaded Eating Area

Parents can go to the shaded eating area, set up for a meal, or bring a blanket and lay on the grass for lunch. That makes Centenary Park a hotspot for picnics or BBQs for the adults out and about without the children. There is a shady barbeque area complete with grills and table seating for a party of more than two people so everyone can come together for a meal. 

Playgrounds for Kids

Meanwhile, across the park are several play areas for the kids. Shaded with beautiful multicolored canopies, the Centenary playgrounds have all sorts of towers and swings to climb and play on. There’s also a ‘forest’ consisting of a few trees and stepping stones to explore with your young ones. The playgrounds are built with mental and physically challenging activities in mind to engage the children altogether.

If you find that you’re in the mood for a walk, the park has you covered there too. Beautiful and scenic winding paths criss-cross the entire park, making it an ideal spot for a chat with a friend or just some afternoon exercise. Dotted on the pathways are modern art pieces to add a unique aesthetic to the open space. It’s a little fresh air and a trip to the art museum all in one. 

Grassy Areas for Sports

The open grassy areas are great for playing sports and large enough for regulation team sizes. When a soccer team isn’t using it, you can also utilize this land for running and playing with your pup. 

If you plan to be at the park for more than an hour, you’ll probably be relieved to know that it’s got a public restroom on site. 

So, if you’re ever visiting Miranda and looking for a place to be actively engaged with your family and friends, look no further than beautiful Centenary Park. There’s no shortage of activities to do – from using the grassy area for team sports or taking a walk with a friend, you won’t be bored at this Sutherland Shire park.

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