Different Types of Taps

Different Types of Taps (7 Varieties That You Should Know)

Taps are simply the most common accessories you can find in any household. Taps will always be present in various locations, from kitchens and bathrooms to lawns and gardens. Although these taps serve the same function and have the same mechanism, they come in various types and feature differences. Different taps may be recommended for different purposes depending on their use and functionality. A tap used in a bathroom has a different look and texture as compared to one in the kitchen or garden. If you are planning to install a tap in your house or make slight changes in the bathroom, then this article will assist you in making a better decision.

Before purchasing the ideal tap for your home, are there aspects you need to remember and take note of? You need to consider several factors before buying the best designs available to you. Mentioned below are two basic things that you must keep in your mind:

  • Apart from its functionality, taps hold a great stake in enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom and kitchen. But appearance is not the only reason to buy one. The build quality, material used and durability are pointers that you must be familiar with.
  • The range and pressure of water flow are the most crucial aspects. The taps can release water with different intensities depending on the nozzles and internal structure. And since different tasks demand different amounts of water, it is highly recommended to know what you need.

Now, let’s jump onto the different types of tap that can be best suited for you based on the task you’re willing to buy it for.

The Pillar Taps

pillar tapsThese taps are typically installed in the bathrooms only designs that can directly influence the aesthetics of any bathroom. The mechanism of the pillar taps is straightforward and manual, relying on the user’s control of the handles to regulate the water flow. It has two ways of water flow, and with the function of switching between them, the user can use both hot and cold water from the same tap by using a lever. Depending upon the theme, design and size of your bathroom, the range of options for pillar taps is high. Polished chrome and ceramic finish are the most popular options for people who prefer a bathroom with a classy vibe and luxury appearance.

If just by installing this elegant piece of work, your bathroom experience can be enhanced, why not give it a shot? With handy installation and easy to use, the pillar taps should be on your checklist if you desire renovation.

The Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are also known as mixing faucets. These taps are somewhat similar to the Pillar taps in their function and designs. The only difference is that people prefer to use mixer taps both in the Kitchen sinks or the bathroom and the obvious reason for more votes towards the mixer is its better and precise control over the desired temperature, with just a single handle or double lever. They are convenient and efficient, allowing you to find the right balance of hot and cold water. It is not only a great option for both your bathroom and kitchen, but its design and elegant finish also look gorgeous. 

Most people with modern bathrooms and kitchens have always preferred it more than any other type of tap. We recommend the same because it blends so well with the texture and design of the room, that it provides peace of mind to whoever chooses to use it. These taps come in a variety of price ranges, but with the limited features of being able to switch only between hot and cold water, more budget will bring better build quality and premium designs. These are not just some simple accessories for your bathroom and kitchen, but also pure pieces of art that you need to have immediately.

The Monobloc Taps

monobloc tapMonobloc taps also fall in the same category as the above two taps. As the name suggests, Monobloc refers to a tap that has a single spout for both hot and cold water. These taps can have one or two levers as per the choice of the buyers, where hot and cold water gets mixed inside the taps themselves to get the desired temperature. These taps also come with a great range of designs and styles. The Monobloc taps are used mostly in kitchens as a good fit for the kitchen sink. Visually, you won’t find much difference between a Monobloc and a mixer tap, nor do the functions vary a lot. However, for a perfect balance of aesthetics in your kitchen, minor details also count. 

Monobloc tap is for you if you are renovating your kitchen and need some basic changes to enhance the interior design. 

The Washer taps

Washer taps are the typical tap that was popular before people started using the modern monobloc or mixer taps. As the name suggests, it has an inbuilt washer that controls the amount of water that can flow. However, these types of taps need two separate levers to use both hot and cold water. Due to its limitations and styling, people prefer more modern designed taps which have a premium feel. Although the washer taps are highly durable and sturdy, they are more prone to leaks over time due to the wear and tear on the washers. And note that the tap requires more turns to open or close the water path than other designs.

The washer tape can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom and can be used for years. These can be easily fixed by changing the washer of the tap, which comes in handy and needs no extra maintenance. This is a comfortable tap and one you should have if you need functionality more than visuals.

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The Disc taps

disc tapThe disc taps are mostly installed in both kitchens and bathrooms. It has an elegant design and perfect water control, somewhat an upgraded version of a washer tap with a disc instead of a washer. The speciality of these types of taps is as the name goes, based on the disc. It has a tiny water outlet in a symmetry that breaks the water flow inside the pipe, to give it a fine flow as it comes out of the tap. One of the impressive factors about the disc tap is the ability to increase or decrease the speed and amount of water within a very small turning point of the lever. This is because there are two ceramic discs inside the tap—one stationary and one movable, the alignment of which is used to regulate the flow of water. And since these ceramic discs have less friction as compared to washer taps, the chances of it getting wear and tear are lesser. 

The washer taps as a whole are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom. It has been a reliable accessory that lasts for years. However, since the disc comprises tiny holes, depending upon the quality of the water it can get blocked. And apart from that the disc taps are highly recommended, especially if you like the modern architecture for kitchens and bathrooms.

The Ball Taps

Unlike the taps mentioned above, the Ball taps are found more in restaurants, clubs or even installed in the gardens by some owners. As the name suggests, it has a ball inside of the structure that controls the flow of hot and cold water. When it was introduced in the market, it was extremely popular and easy to use. Modern ball taps often use more advanced designs along with traditional engineering, such as ceramic disc or cartridge mechanisms, which offer better durability and functionality compared to traditional ball taps.

These tips are great if you decide to attach them to the house for minor modifications and to give it an eye-catching feel. Although it is not the most popular type of tap to have in your house, using one in your kitchen won’t have any problems either. So, if you’re not a fan of decor and a modern kitchen, you might want to have a look at the ball taps!

The Cartridge taps

Cartridge tapsCartridge taps are one of those accessories that can be installed regardless of the design and size of the kitchen or bathroom. It can come in different configurations, such as single-handle and double-handle versions depending on the wants of the user. The Cartridge taps are a decent choice and also come in the list of our top recommendations. Their reliability, smooth operation, and durability are some of the major reasons why you should have it. Cartridge taps can however have wear and tear, with leaks in the tap, but since the maintenance is easy and needs no expertise, leakage is not a big problem.

Overall, a cartridge tap is a good choice, and you won’t regret having it installed in your kitchen or bathrooms. Such a design of taps can be used in all types of environments, either old or modern. So if you’re confused about having the most compatible taps for your house, you can check out these taps.


Taps are essential to the house, providing aesthetics and functionality. Many brands are producing these excellent taps, and with improvements in technology, the durability and performance of these taps are increasing rapidly. The types of taps mentioned above in the articles are suited for your house, but if you want more accurate parameters for having the best one, then the above suggestion will assist you.

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