Pipe Relining and Sewer Repair Services

At Damien McEvoy Plumbing, we are always striving to bring residents of the Sutherland Shire the latest and most innovative plumbing solutions. We are introducing to you an exciting new repair service, pipe relining. Pipe relining is set to change the way we repair and service your cracked or broken drainage pipes. If you need to have your drain pipes replaced, repaired or serviced, chances are our specialised plumbers can utilize this great new relining technology to make the whole process run smoother.

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What is Sewer relining?

Pipe relining, also named sewer relining or trenchless technology, is a unique process of repairing pipes, not by replacing them, but by installing an impermeable liner within the old pipe. The liner is feed down into the pipe using an air system, the liner seals any holes or gaps around the old piping, allowing better flow of wastewater from your house to the main sewer line.

How does pipe relining work?

Call Damien McEvoy Plumbing For a Free Pipe Relining Quote (02) 8599 4593

After locating the blockage in the system we will proceed to clear anything that may obstructing the flow of water. For this, we will use our electric eel or water jetting machine. This removes any items that may have been clogging the drain system like leaves, tree roots, tissue paper pulp, or trash.

Once we clear your drainage system, we will dispatch our inspection CCTV drainage cameras into the drainage pipe. Using the drain inspection camera allows us to see where exactly the problem is occurring. Based on the size of the cracks or loose joints we find using the camera we will make decision whether pipe relining is the best possible solution to avoid future blockages occurring.

The pipe relining process starts by identifying the right liner in terms of material, thickness and length. The liner is then attached onto the relining equipment and introduced into your drainage system. This can be done via a manhole or inspection opening, temporary access can be created along the drain system for easier access to the problem area if the manhole is too far from the affected area.

Once the pipe lining material is in place, the installation equipment is activated to inflate the liner. Thanks to the strong adhesive around the liner’s outer surface, the liner will stick onto the walls of the drain pipe when inflated to full capacity. The installation equipment will then be retrieved and the liner left in place inside your drain pipes, creating a leak and crack free system, as good as new.

When can pipe relining be used?

Pipe relining is ideal for minimal to medium pipe repairs. That is, situations where the drain pipe is mostly intact but just needs a little patching up. Only after we inspect your drain system can we tell if your situation qualifies for the process. Overall, pipe Relining is ideal for:

  • Cracked pipes that need to be sealed.
  • Broken pipes that need to be restored to avert further damage.
  • Loose joints that are leaking and may widen with time.
  • Weak pipes that could crumble and block your drain completely if not properly repaired.

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Advantages of pipe relining

Pipe relining has numerous advantages when you compare it to traditional sewer repair techniques.

Trenchless Solutions

Pipe relining, does not require any driveway or garden dig ups, there is no need to excavate whatsoever.

Cheaper Cost

Pipe relining is a cheaper repair method as no digging is carried out, as a result there is less labour requirements which in turn saves you money!

Faster Solution

Without the need to dig or backfill the pipe, drain relining only takes a fraction of the time in comparison to traditional pipe repairing methods.

Tidier way of repairing

Pipe relining is a much cleaner operation than other methods that require digging. Your driveway or garden area remains in the same neat fashion without any excavation taking place.

Why choose Damien McEvoy Plumbing?

At Damien McEvoy Plumbing, we understand the relining process in and out. We’re fast and professional at every stage of our work. We also have all the proper equipment needed to undertake this intricate process. With us onboard, therefore, you can expect that there will be no mistakes done whatsoever. Furthermore, we can save you money, time, and unnecessary disruptions as explained above.

We are one of the leading pipe relining companies within the Sutherland Shire. We respond to call-outs immediately and always give work estimates as soon as we survey the job at hand. Whether you have a scheduled maintenance job or an after hours emergency plumbing issue, we will be there to provide you the best possible service.
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