Annual Gas Water Heater Maintenance (2023 DIY Guide)

When it comes to your Sutherland Shire home’s hot water system, making sure to perform annual gas water heater maintenance can keep your water system running hot efficiently all the time.

Failing to do so can cause an untimely and costly stop to the flow of your hot water. And no one wants that to happen to their gas water heaters especially if it happens at a busy shower time for the family.

There are some very simple steps of water heater preventive maintenance you can take once a year to make sure your gas water heater is operating properly.

Use this as a water heater maintenance checklist and tips, so you can make sure things run smoothly.

And if it’s something that you don’t think you can do yourself — or don’t want to — then contact your best Sutherland Shire water heater maintenance company, and we’ll perform any plumbing and water heater preventive maintenance, so your water is always flowing.

Use This Gas Water Heater Maintenance Checklist Once a Year

faucet-dirtDo you know how dirt and debris will sometimes cause sediment to build up in the tap of your kitchen or bathroom faucet? Well, any water line in your Sutherland Shire home will have this common problem with excess sediment and minerals that naturally flow with the water into your home.

The same applies to the lines of your water heater. Clogs can occur when this happens, so it’s best to stay on top of water heater preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs when the system breaks down. This can potentially shorten the lifespan of your water heater and cause significant damage.

Ensure to follow these gas water heater maintenance tips to make it stay in top condition by performing yearly maintenance. It’s crucial to start by locating the water heater in your home.

1. Find Shut-off Valve: You’ll need to find the shut-off valve, water drain, and pressure release valve. The water system’s shut-off valve and pressure release valve are each on top of the water heater. The drain is on the bottom.

water-heater-flush2. Turn off the Gas and the Water: Shut off the gas to the water heater. Shut down the water supply to the water heater. Make sure you have a bucket and a hose.

3. Hook up the Hose: Hook up the hose to the water drain and turn on the pressure release valve. This should take anywhere from ten to 30 minutes. Now, turn the water on to clean out any dirt and debris that has built up in the system. Five or six gallons should do the trick.

4. Refill the Tank: Turn off the water drain and shut off the pressure release valve. Turn the water on to fill the water tank back up. Once it’s full, you can turn the gas back on and relight the pilot.

And that’s it. Obviously, if you are comfortable with these instructions, this isn’t too difficult. But if you’re not, call a professional.

Call a Sutherland Shire Water Heater Maintenance Company if in Doubt.

You may not have the time or simply like most people, these types of jobs make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t fret, that’s where your best local and affordable Sutherland Shire water heater maintenance company can lend a hand.

We have trained and experienced professionals that can perform water heater maintenance checklists for yearly water heater preventive maintenance or any other plumbing concerns you may have.

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