Know When You Need to Replace a Hot Water Tank

We all hate those “uh-oh” moments. After a couple of minutes in the shower, your water begins to run cold. Or how about you start noticing sounds emanating from your hot water heater or there are leaks around it, or you see the water coming from it is a rusty color.

When you are faced with any of those situations, don’t say “uh-oh” any longer. Those are warning signs that are telling you it may be time to replace a hot water tank in your Sutherland Shire home.

So we’ll explain these and other signs to help teach you what you need to know about replacing a hot water tank, how much it may it may be as far as replace water heater costs.

Know When You Need to Replace a Hot Water Tank

Replacing a Hot Water Tank? Here Are Some Clues to Help

The average water heater is under warranty for anywhere from five to 15 years. That’s an indication that the manufacturer believes is the average lifespan of the unit.

And in truth, the average water heater will give you from eight to 14 years of dependable use until its parts can begin to wear down.

That’s not to say that with proper usage and yearly preventive maintenance your appliance may give you more years than average. It might.

But pay attention to the following warning symptoms and let them be your guide to replacing a hot water tank.

Warm or cold water: One warning sign is that your unit isn’t heating water properly. Either the water isn’t hot enough, or there’s not enough of it, this could mean that the heating element is faulty and needs to be replaced. There’s also a part called a dip tube inside the tank. If this tube isn’t doing its job, it can leak cold water into the stored hot water.

Discolored water: This could mean that rust or corrosion is going on within your model. Rust is a natural condition of a tank that is getting up there in years as most tanks are made of steel. You could see if there are signs of rust around your tank, and if so, it’s likely going on inside as well.

The tank’s age: As we mentioned above, the average lifespan of most units is from eight to 14 years, depending on the type of unit you have. Your water heater should clear the warranty regarding years.

You should have your best local affordable Sutherland Shire plumber perform preventive maintenance on your appliance annually once you’ve purchased it or moved into your home.

This service is even more critical if your water heater has survived past its manufacturer suggested warranty. Failing to do so could see you needing hot water tank replacement earlier than you’d like.

Failing drain valve: Keep in mind that there are a lot of parts inside your water heater and water runs them so sediment and debris that naturally collects and flows with the water will build up over time within your unit.

This can cause clogs and wreak havoc within the system. As part of annual preventive maintenance, flushing the drain valve can keep the sediment from building up too much.

Tank leaks: Once you’ve discovered leaks it’s normally time to look into replacing a water heater cost because you’ll likely need a new one. Leaks mean that somewhere within your unit, something’s broken.

Replace a Water Heater Costs? Here’s the Average

The average replacing a water heater cost varies on the type and style of the model you seek.

There are electric, gas, solar and heat pump varieties to choose from, as well as the storage tank and on-demand tank kinds.

In Australia, the average price of replacing a water heater costs anywhere from $450-$5,000. The more common storage tank type, electric or gas, are the least expensive. Meanwhile, the higher end solar and heat pump varieties can run anywhere from $3,300-$5,000 or more.

When It’s Time for Hot Water Tank Replacement, Trust the Pros

Replace Hot Water TankWhen you need advice in deciding on whether or not you need hot water tank replacement, do your homework and call upon a local Sutherland Shire plumbing expert to help with the decision and do the work in replacing your hot water tank.

Our team of reliable and experienced plumbing professionals can take your call and answer any questions you may have.

We also are experts at repairing and installing any water heater you may desire.

So call us today for a free no-hassle consultation, and we’ll be glad to get your hot water problems under control.

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