In Need Of Hot Water Replacement?

If you need to replace your hot water heater, then you have come to the right place. Our Sutherland Shire service technicians are experts in replacement and installation.

We pride ourselves on being the best in the field and having all the most up to date information and technologies to serve you and your home better and more efficiently. So let us go over a general guide of some things you can expect when dealing with hot water replacement.

Hot Water Replacement

Electric Water Heater Installation

The very first thing when it comes to replacing your electric heater is to make sure that the electricity is turned off. We don’t want any accidental electric shocks.

The very next thing that our plumbing technician will do is to drain any and all water that is currently in the tank. They will then begin to disconnect any of the electrical wiring as well as the plumbing lines.

Once all of that is done they will then replace the tank system and begin performing all of the same steps but in reverse to get the heater ready to use. There will be some testing that they will need to do to get all of the settings right but they will be able to help you get your water heater set up perfectly for you.

Gas Water Heater Installation

When it comes to hot water replacement for a gas heater there are extra steps that need to be taken into account. Safety is imperative when it comes to gas and how dangerous it can be when not handled properly. When it comes to a gas water heater you want to make sure to always install earthquake straps.

These will ensure that the tank won’t fall over or expose any gas lines if there is an earthquake.

Our technicians will also need to install a vent line if there isn’t already one installed. After they install the actual gas line then they will fill the tank and start setting up the draining pipe.

Then we will set up the pilot light and test for gas leaks to make sure everything is working properly and they will make sure that the earthquake straps are set properly.

Hybrid Water Heater Installation

For a hybrid type of hot water replacement, most people would think that it sounds to be more difficult than a standard installation. That, however, is not necessarily the case. In fact installing a hybrid is quite similar to that of a standard water heater. This means that you don’t need to worry about gas either.

We will simply turn off the electricity to the water heater and then we will drain the tank completely. Then replace the old heater with the new one and then connect the new lines.

We will then finish connecting the necessary shut off valves and get the heater back up and running again. Don’t worry, we will make sure that the water is working optimally and is set to the perfect temperature.

Hybrid Water Heater Installation

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