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Water Heater Buying Guide (10 Factors to Consider)


 A water heating appliance can serve you for more than two decades if it is properly maintained and cared for. So, if you are thinking about buying a water heater, you should consider some things first. You should do your research and get the facts before making a purchase. There are many options to choose from. If you rush into this decision, you may end up with a product you don’t want but can’t get rid of. In this write-up, we will go through a few things you need to consider before buying a water-heating appliance.

Available Options

This is the most important thing to consider, as it is going to influence and be influenced by other factors. There are many options to choose from: traditional electric and gas-powered water heaters with storage, tankless water heaters, wall-mounted electric geysers, solar water heaters, and many more. You should consider all the available options and see if they match your requirements. The one that comes close to fulfilling all your requirements would be the best option. You may also choose to have two types of appliances to cater to the needs of your cohabitants.traditional water heater

If you are having a hard time deciding, I suggest that you start noting down the important things that come to mind. Writing such things helps you evaluate the pros and cons of each option.

Appliance Capacity

 In this context, capacity refers to both storage capacity and heating capacity. Traditional gas and electricity-powered water heaters can store anywhere between forty and sixty gallons of hot water. Consider if this is sufficient for your family’s needs. Solar water heaters have around the same capacity. Wall-mounted electric geysers don’t have room for larger quantities. They can heat smaller quantities, like twenty to twenty-five litres, in about thirty to forty minutes. The choice depends on your family size, needs, and hosting of guests.

Instant or on-demand water heaters can be helpful in many cases. But being electrical appliances, they use more power and can contribute to higher power bills. I suggest using instant heaters only in emergency circumstances.

Fuel Source

The next thing is the availability and cost of the fuel source for your device in your locality. If your locality has issues with electricity, electrical-powered appliances are not going to be useful. You should choose a device that is supported by an uninterrupted supply of power at an affordable price. For solar water heaters, weather is an important factor, which we will discuss later. It is wise to inquire and educate yourself about the availability of fuel in your locality before deciding on the water heater.


costs of buying a water heaterYour economic situation is also an important factor. Different appliances have different prices, which vary based on capacity. You should keep your financial situation in mind while browsing. Be firm on how much you are prepared to spend on this, and look for options within that price limit. The brands of these appliances also have a say in the cost. While it is important to stick to a budget, it is also important to assess the product’s chances of longevity. Popular brands are trusted for a reason. It is best to go with a known brand with a good history. It will make the service and maintenance of your appliance easier.

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Repairs, Maintenance, and Availability of Spares

Many people ignore this factor when buying and end up regretting their purchase. Water heaters need routine maintenance. They are affected by water quality and pollutants. If the subsequent services offered by the installer are not good or up to par, the product will not last longer. If the product needs repairs or the installation of spares, they should be available nearby. If these are not available when necessary, the product will become useless. Always inquire about subsequent servicing and the availability of spares in the locality. Go for the product only if you are satisfied with the responses.

I suggest that you learn some DIY maintenance hacks from the internet. Many YouTube channels show how to service water heating appliances. Look for a good one and learn it. This skill will prevent you from having to go to a service provider for every small issue.

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weatherA solar water heater is not going to do much if your locality has short summers or long months of overcast weather. And if you are in a place that gets plenty of sunlight, you won’t have much use for electric or gas-powered water heaters. You have to consider your weather conditions when deciding which water heater to get. And if you are going for a solar water heater, make sure it is installed to get maximum sunlight.

If the weather in your locality is prone to sudden and unpredictable changes, I advise that you have a second choice of water heating appliance to cover for the uncertainty.

Terms of Warranty

Most people don’t pay much attention to warranties, but don’t let that be the case with you. Most water heaters serve for many years, and you deserve a product like that. As a buyer, you should make sure that the manufacturer is legally bound by what they have promised. You have to go through the warranty terms and make sure there is nothing that can be used as a loophole by the manufacturer. It can be frustrating to go through documents like that, but it is better to have all the bases covered before buying the product.


Most users are not too concerned with the safety of these appliances until something untoward happens to them. Safety laws are very stringent, but that is no reason to let your guard down. Safety should be your top priority, especially for those that involve electricity. Make sure that the option you are considering has met all the safety standards. You should also double-check the safety from your end; make sure that the wiring for these appliances is in proper condition. Any old wires should be replaced with new ones. This will help keep you and your loved ones safe and also increase the longevity of the product.


incentives and awardsMany countries are striving to use more renewable energy sources and become less dependent on fossil fuels. The rising prices of fossil fuel-based power sources and eco-consciousness are the reasons for this. Some countries/regions provide incentives to people who adopt such practices. For instance, if you install a solar water heater at your residence, you may get a discount on your power bills. If you have such an appliance, check if you are eligible for such incentives. Follow through with your service provider to get a testimony of installation so it can be processed with the concerned authorities.

Other Factors/Any Doubts You May Have

This is more like a general practice that you should follow. If you have any doubts or hesitations about the product or its installation, discuss them with your service provider and have them clarified. There may be some unique problems that are specific to your situation. Always remember that you have got to do your part to ensure that the provider can do their job smoothly. So, you should clear up any doubts you have before making a decision.

Some Additional Tips for You

  • If you are unsure about your options, check the reviews for the products. They may be on the product’s website or an e-commerce platform if the product is available online.
  • If a product is available online, you should compare the prices between the online site and the service provider you are considering.
  • Some providers take the old products off your hands for a price when they install the new appliance. Check with your provider if they do that.


These are the things you should consider when purchasing a new water heater. Bearing these in mind and following these tips will help you make an informed choice. Remember that the choice you make is going to be with you for a long time. So, take your time and consider every option before making your decision. The more researched your decision is, the lesser the chances of you regretting it. I hope that this helps you decide on the water heater that is best suited for you.

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