Sutherland Shire, NSW Data & Information

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If you’re considering a move to Sutherland Shire, New South Wales, it’s vital to have some knowledge about the area’s statistics. This article will discuss essential data and information about this region. 

Sutherland Shire Facts

From statistics about the population to facts about Sutherland Shire’s location, here’s what you need to know about this area.


Sutherland Shire is located near Sydney, about thirty kilometers south of the city’s central business district. The area is south of Botany Bay and the Georges River, and it covers a large extension of 369 square kilometers, including numerous suburbs. Sutherland Shire is also home to some of Sydney’s most iconic beaches, national parks, and important waterways. 


Sutherland Shire has a population of nearly 230,000 residents. The average age of residents in Sutherland Shire is forty years old, and over half of those individuals are married. Among these citizens, English is the most prevalent language. While less common, Greek, Italian, and Arabic are also spoken frequently in the region. 


One reason locals choose to live in Sutherland Shire is for its excellent weather. The area has a temperate climate and gets plenty of sun year-round, though it does see its share of rain in autumn and spring. 

Residents can expect mild winters, with daily temperatures ranging from highs of 18 degrees Celsius to lows of 9 degrees Celsius. Summers are pleasant and warm in Sutherland Shire, with highs of around 27 degrees Celsius and lows of 19 degrees Celsius. 

Housing Information

The area has about 88,000 households and an average house price well above the median in New South Wales. Homeowners pay an average of $1,073,000, or roughly $500,000 more than throughout the rest of New South Wales. Renters pay average costs of $630 per week. 

Crime Rate

Besides being a beautiful, pleasant place to live, residents choose Sutherland Shire for its low crime rates. The area is a safe place for people of all ages to make a living and start a family, and the community places a strong emphasis on keeping it this way.  

The most common crime in public areas is graffiti. More serious offenses like theft, assault, break-ins, and murder are uncommon. 

Occupation and Employment Rate

Given the high cost of living in Sutherland Shire, most individuals have to work. There are roughly 129,413 employed residents, and unemployment rates are low. Sutherland Shire habitants have a median weekly income that is higher than the national average.

Sutherland Shire’s economy is mostly service-led, and it has nearly 23,000 local businesses and several important shopping centers.

The three largest industries in Sutherland Shire are:

  • Construction
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Health Care and Social Assistance


There are plenty of choices for educating children. Sutherland Shire has over a hundred schools, including various secondary schools, preschools, and centers for children with special learning needs. The area also has academically selective, technology-based, and sports-oriented high schools.  


Though cars are prevalent in the area, public transit is available to residents of Sutherland Shire. Transdev NSW provides bus services, and Sydney Trains service the area on the Illawarra line. 

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