Best Restaurants in Sydney

Getting booked in a Sydney 5-star hotel ensures one of excellent gourmet foods, top-notch menus and other gustatory treats. If you do not get out and experience some of the restaurants, you truly will have missed out on indulging in one of the culinary capital cities of the world. In the past, many people tried to denigrate this great city as a foodie wasteland where the only meal were burgers and chips. Gone are those days, now you can count on a massive number of gourmet-level treats not only in a five-star hotel, but also in other restaurants of the city. Listed below are some of the best restaurants in Sydney for fine dining if you wish to try something innovative without spending too much.

Becasse – Westfield
Situated in the midst of the Regional Park and Champion Lakes, the restaurant is a haven foSydney Top Restaurantsr those who love to spend some time in tranquil surroundings watching wildlife or angling in the evening. Becasse features luxurious interiors such as Swarovski crystal light fixtures and deluxe drapes as well as more luxurious food from famous chef Justin North. The decorating within the restaurant is second to none which is complemented by the luxury bathrooms which are themed to suit the interior of the restaurant, we are one of the up and coming Sydney plumbing companies performing these exlcusive fit outs. It is right now among the most preferred restaurants in Sydney. The smoked scallops, confit miso blue-eye and the full-blooded Wagyu shin are among the most commonly celebrated items on the menu. Be sure you book your accommodation early; otherwise, it may be difficult to get in due to the high volume of traffic the restaurant gets on a daily basis.

Tetsuya’s – 529 Kent St
This unique restaurant located in Kent Street, looking over a Japanese Garden, is an ideal spot to spend the evening. With wonderful landscapes and natural surroundings in Surrey Hills close to the restaurant, you certainly deserve an evening or two at this fantastic restaurant. Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s ever-evolving food list features complicated flavours from French and Japanese cuisine combined in experimental blends – certainly not to be skipped. If you get only one chance to dine at this restaurant, be sure to ask for confit of Tasmanian Ocean fish with konbu – the signature dish. If you want to choose the food items by yourself, try out the degustation menu that provides the best.

Bistro Lilly – 168 Kent St
For a much more relaxing and yet oh-so-stylish dinner experience, Bistro Lilly provides dinner and lots more – either in the boundaries of a beautiful dining room or even a garden terrace – for any event you may want to enjoy. The hotel is a perfect place for anyone who wants to explore sandy beaches of the Darling Harbour and wild animals of the Pirrama Park. The exterior of the restaurant is a focal point to admire, a tranquil, yet fashionable hideaway in the traditional Observatory Tower, you will not have to go far to cherish an intimate dinner for two, special occasion or corporate lunch. Try Chef David Koorey’s signature menu to savour some of the best delicacies you might not have even heard of.

If fine dining is not really your style, Sydney is also a haven for fun, relaxing places – especially those that provide fantastic seafood. Sydney Harbour ViewThe best thing about the area is that it rests on one of the most elegant Harbours of the world, and this Harbour presents an ideal backdrop for swimming, sailing, jet boating, fishing while you dine at any of the above restaurants. Additionally, you may also want to check amazing sandy beaches close to these best restaurants in Sydney to enjoy lively evenings and nightlife. All it takes is a little bit of time on your part, and you could cherish a great dining experience in this great city of Australia.

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